Friday, July 8, 2011

This is not a house, This is My home

While growing up, I don’t think we ever lived in a house longer than a year until I was 13. Not because of military, we just moved… a lot. which is probably what makes it a little easier to be a Navy wife. When we moved from Florida to Maryland I was so excited. Excited to see the trees change during the different seasons. Excited to see snow and excited to be able to be on a new adventure with my wonderful husband and babies.

I remember the first day we drove up to our new house. We were in such awe at where the Lord had put us. I loved the street he put us on. The first time we drove up to the house there were some little girls coloring with sidewalk chalk in their driveway 2 houses down. I loved our perfect front porch. I absolutely loved the fenced back yard. And, looking out my back door there is a big wooded field (where I saw 3 deer grazing just a few days later). I could go on and on.

Even though I loved it so much it only felt like we were on vacation until one day last summer, 2010. While AJ was deployed I was bathing the boys upstairs in their bathroom and it hit me, out of no where, It was a peaceful….This is home. So, when the packers came it was hard. I felt like we just got here.... but where he leads we will follow and so, we are heading to Japan.

This was the front living room just before the packers came.

This was the front living room after the last pack out.

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