Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Vacation Part 1

Bon Jovi says it right when he sings, “Who says you can’t go home?”

It has been a long 42 days… Homeless, Bed less, Car less and living out of suitcases with 3 kids can definitely take a toll on someone who’s home is very structured (most of the time) Not to mention this is a BIG move. Thank God we have a wonderful support system. Great friends in Ft Meade, Best Friends in Jax and a wonderful family.

First we headed to Florida…..Celebrating my niece’s 2 birthday. The kids had a blast playing on the home made slip-n-slide, swimming and picking berries. Madison & Cohen even got to drive the golf cart. Thanks Melanie & Curtis

You can’t think about Florida without thinking about the Florida beaches. I’m so happy I was born a beach baby. If I wasn’t there with my mom, I was there with my Aunt Connie & my cousin Melissa. I love taking my kids. Beach + kids + Publix chx wings & sweet Tea = a very happy mama


  1. I live in NY. When i visit Florida I LOVE getting fried chicken from Publx. They also have the best ice cream and cakes

  2. Publix, Krystals & Blue Boys are the 3 places I must go to when I go home:) which would also be why I gain weight during the summer


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