Sunday, July 24, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane...Travel, Wed July 20th

Wed afternoon we stopped to get a bite before we headed to the airport. I Love Longhorn!! I had my usual, of course, chicken fingers and wild west shrimp.

The kids were very excited when the waitress brought out a good-bye dessert.

When we got to BWI we had to haul everything in. I think I may have over packed a bit:) I wasn't sure how long it would take to get all of our stuff in Japan and so I wanted to make sure we had plenty just in case. The only problem was carting it everywhere. The kids were great, they helped so much and never complained about it.

Our flight was suppose to leave BWI at 3pm arrive in Atlanta at 4:30, have a layover then leave for Seattle at 7pm. Well, that didn't happen. Our flight leaving BWI didn't leave until 6:30 but for 2 hours of that wait we were sitting on the plane. Then once we arrived in Atlanta we had 15 min to make it to our next flight and ATL is a huge airport. It was a very long day. We got up at 5:30am drove 2 hours back to Ft Meade got on our flights and finally arrived in Seattle about 11pm

Since our flights were late we didn't have time for dinner so once we finally got to the hotel Madison and I went across the street for a little jack in the Box (which isn't very good).... eating at 12:30 (eastern time) in the morning... Happy Birthday, Cohen!


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday Cohen!! We love you so much!! Selina, this is a blast to read! Wow, what a busy, busy schedule, but such happy looking faces. You all are an inspiration and we have been praying for you! Love you so much and mail is on the way! *Hugs* ~ Sheri


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