Friday, July 29, 2011

A Day of New Things.... Part 2

After Jesco Lily took us to lunch at... well, I don't know the name but I do know they didn't have chicken fingers.

Even Japanese parking spaces are small

Step 1) Find what you would like to eat on this menu
Step 2) Put in your Yen
Step 3) Push the button for your order (kind-of like a coke machine)
make sure you don't mess up and hit the wrong button
Step 4) Get your little tickets from the bottom slot (they look like movie ticket stubs w/ Japanese writing all over them)
Step 5) Proceed to find a table

They did have booths but if I was eating there I was going to sit like I lived there.
One table floor table had a hole under the table for your feet but it was already taken.

This was the kids meal. Have you ever seen the movie Ponyo? This is what they ate so we are going to call it Ponyo food. Ramen Noodles in the bowl with seaweed, ham and egg. The kids all ate their noodles and Cohen ate his egg.

I had garlic rice mixed with fried egg and onion, which taste like fried rice just more buttery..btw, I didn't know what I wanted but Lily helped me out with that. You didn't think I was going to be that brave did ya?

Oh, Sorry AJ.... Guess who pushed the buttons on the order machine and guess who hit the wrong button. Good thing he's very food adventurous. He said it was cold and wasn't that good. Over all it was a good experience but like all good things it had to come to an end... and well, it ended when the kids decided to cross over their grass mat curtain and started using the table with the floor cut out and it's seat cushions as a fort. What's an American to do?


  1. Oh, so glad you have a fantastic sponsor!! LOVING all the pictures! Can you make them bigger? The food looks "interesting", but Alisa say, she would LOVE it, since Panda Express is her favorite fast food. =) And, we love the pictures of Cohen and Madison, in their Japan outfits. Hee. Hee. Praying and love you all bunches!

  2. I don't really know how to make the pictures bigger other than just to click on it. Alisa would fit in just perfectly over here there is A Lot of Panda express food:)


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