Friday, July 29, 2011

A Day of New Things.... Part 1

While AJ was in Afghanistan he met a guy he worked with who lived in Okinawa. When Ron heard we were heading over he signed up to be our sponsor to help make our transition easier. His family has been incredibly helpful with everything from driving us to classes, taking AJ to work, helping us understand their cell phones and even trying to help us get in our house. His wife, Lily, and their kids took us around town yesterday and it was a great day filled with a ton of new and interesting things. Our first stop was Jesco, a Walmart type store.

Lily is part of a cultural exchange group where Americans and Japanese women go to each others homes and teach each other about their cultures. She says all Japanese homes have small furniture and appliances. She also told me not to plan on buying any shoes or clothes out in town. Well, at least that will save me some money.

This was outside the store and we just couldn't pass up a picture

A baby crib and twin size bed. They are the size of our pack-n-plays and toddler beds in the US

A living room couch 15,800 Yen (a little over $200) A washer & dryer combo. Jack would definitely want to do laundry

Typical stove and oven in a Japanese home (I think our toaster ovens are bigger than these and to the right....are you ready??? A dishwasher! For real!!

No Japanese dept store would be complete without a Hello Kitty section

Hand washing sink in the bathroom & baby diaper changing table

Since Mom's often take lil boys to the bathroom with them they have their own sinks and urinals. Perfectly sized for 2 and up. On the right is a woman's toilet (in a stall of course) They did have normal toilets but how could I pass up the chance to try this? It wasn't easy.

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