Friday, July 8, 2011

Boxes, Boxes Everywhere!!!!

May was a very busy month to say the least. Not only did we have to make sure all of us had everything done for our over seas screenings but we also had to organize 3 pack outs, which proved to be very tedious..Just a little FYI... They come and pack everything 1 day, then load the stuff they packed on a truck the next day and when they came it was only 1 or 2 packers and/or movers so it made for a very long day. Yes, I said movers. Thank God AJ was home or some of our furniture would not have made it on the trucks.

This was the the 1st pack out, May 16th, 2011. Called a "UB pack-out" or "Unaccompanied Baggage pack-out" Everything we need right off. Dishes, towels, linens... etc... We stacked everything we decided we needed in the dining room to make it easier for the movers.

This was our 2nd pack-out. Everything going into Non-Temp storage. It wasn't very difficult deciding what household items to send. The problem came when we got to the kids stuff. They will change so much in the next 3 years and we wanted to try and take as much as we could.

Stuff being loaded into the Non-Temp storage truck.

The 3rd and final pack-out. All things headed to Japan, May 31st. They said it will take 60 - 90 days to get there, so, hopefully we won't be without furniture for too long.

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  1. Oh my dear, dear friend... we miss you!!! Thank you for writing all of this. My heart understands yours so well right now. We have prayed for you all often and need to "skype" sometime. Know that you are prayed for and missed very much. But, we know our Father is guiding your every step and we are bursting with joy to watch your adventures in Japan!!! A million hugs from us!! ~ Sheri


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