Thursday, May 26, 2011

Just a little info about Okinawa

Welcome to Okinawa, a small tropical (and humid) island paradise! Okinawa has beautiful beaches, coral reefs, and crystal blue, postcard-picture waters. (My hair will be one big frizz ball for the next 3 years)

How big is Okinawa? In short, it is 67 miles long and varies in width from 2-17 miles wide. Though the length sounds short, it will take you well over 3 hours to traverse the full length due to the roads, traffic, and speed limits.

Is Okinawa a city or an island? - and more! Okinawa is the name for a city, an island, and a group of islands. Okinawa island (where the US military bases are) is the main island of the Okinawa Prefecture (prefecture is a term used to describe a geographic/political section, much like we use the term "county" or, more accurately, "state). Okinawa Prefecture includes 159 more islands. Okinawa is often referred to as the "Keystone of the Pacific" because of its strategic location with respect to major Far East cities. Indeed, Okinawa is approximately as close to Seoul (Korea), Manila (Philippines), and Hong Kong (China) as it is to Tokyo (Japan). . .each are about 850-1,000 miles away.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Time to PCS

Most families like to stay in the same house, in the same town, in the same city for their entire lives and then you have military families, who for the most part, have no choice but to pick up and move. Heading to new and unfamiliar places.

For us moving is totally bitter sweet. It's hard pulling our kids away from the things and people they have come to know and love. Even as adults it's scarey. Will we like our new house? Will it feel like a home? How long will it take to make new friends? But then there's "The Sweet" We're going to be able to do so many new things and go to so many places.

But the one thing that will remain the same is God! Our faith and trust in him has to be whole hearted, not that it won't be difficult, but I know he has it all under control. I've prayed all I can pray, said all I can say and I've left it to HIM, so we will go where he leads. It will be exciting to see his plan unfold. Please keep us in your prayers!!!
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