Thursday, June 3, 2010


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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Are you a Swag Nut?

Who doesn't like Free money? Especially for something you do every day... Surfing the Internet. SwagBucks is just like Google except they pay you with digital dollars to use their search engine. The digital dollars can then be redeemed for prizes in The Swag Store. They Store has everything from Books & Magazines, Video Games, Movies & Music to Sports & Collectibles... and a ton more but my favorite prizes to get are the Gift Cards. That's right! Gift Cards! Starbucks, PayPal, I-Tunes, Pro Bass Shop, Target, SouthWest Airlines, and once again; much more... Yes, there are so many more to choose from. Go here to to sign up. It's totally FREE. Below I will post some FYI's and if you have any questions just ask:)

How do I earn SwagBucks? Here are just a few.

1. Using the Search engine. Once you sign up go to the Toolbar Tab and download it to your computer. It will show up just below the hyperlink so you will always have the search engine on hand. Sometimes while I sit in front of the TV at night I will type all kinds of stupid stuff in the search engine just to earn bucks and it works.

2. You can earn Bucks form taking Daily Polls. Under the Ways to Earn Tab

3. Connect to The SwagBucks Face Book Page

4. My favorite and I think the easiest way to earn bucks is by Inviting Friends under the Promote Tab. When you sign up they give you your own referring link . When you send out email invites or post it to your Face Book everyone that clicks on your link and signs up will give you bucks the more bucks they make through searching, polls, referring friends, etc... the more bucks you make. You can also Get referrals by placing a banner on your website, blog, or social network profile.
5. Every time you turn on your computer.

Here are some FYI's

1. You can only redeem Swagbucks for 2 prizes a day. Maximum 5 per month, no matter the value of the prize.

2. I like Gift Cards. The $5 ones require less SwagBucks then the $25 G.C.

3. They issue Gift Card codes on the 15th & 30th of every month but I think it varies if those dates fall on the weekend or a holiday.

I really like the Amazon GC. I have gotten some stuff and used my GC codes and never paid a cent. It covered the Product & Shipping. I even had .31 left over that Amazon kept and when I purchased my next item it rolled over:) I am a Happy Amazon Shopper and a Swag Nut:) just try it. I promise you won't be sorry.

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Free Sample of Cottonelle Ultra Toilet Paper & Wipes here. Be Kind to Your Behind with the Cottonelle Brand system of cleaning. I do like the wipes for the kids but don't really care for the toilet paper I feel like it's too soft and leaves little bits of toilet paper all over the back of the toilet (is there a name for that?) not to mention having to fish it out of my kids rears, TMI, I know. Anywho, the best thing about Freebies are... They're FREE...

Happy Memorial Day

Sometimes it's easy to forget how Blessed we are to live in the country we do but every night at 9pm sharp I hear taps play all over post and am constantly reminded... that Freedom cost Someone their life. I pray every night for God to keep AJ safe and bring him home but for those who didn' make it back I am glad to be reminded every night of their great sacraifce.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A 2nd Language Would Be So Useful

I said in the beginning that my blog wasn't really a coupon site but more about me and my family and that includes all my short comings.. and they are many. For the most part I feel like I am a great Mom but an area I need total help in are my communication skills..Ya see, I'm a yeller. I don't like to yell it makes me feel bad but what makes me feel worse is to think my babies are use to it. Now, I don't swear and I don't fly off the handle and start beating my kids but I am a yeller. And because I come from a very loud family I am a LOUD Yeller, a Deep Loud Yeller and I know this. That is why I go around shutting all the windows when I feel the yell coming out. I wish I knew Sign Language so I could yell at them and no one would hear me. Some times I think I need Meds or wish I had them but eventually they would wear off:)

AJ has now been gone 3 months with the exception of 2 weeks when he came home after school. I can handle AJ being gone. I can handle being a single Mom but what I can't handle is when my kids are mean to one another. Mainly Madison mean to Cohen.. He'll work on something so hard and when he presents it to her she just walks away or walks past him. Never acknowledge him at all. I want to rip her head off... She isn't like that to Jack and Cohen notices she favors Jack. Why? I have no idea. What is going on? I have good kids except this 1 little thing and I can't stand it. When she hurts Cohen's feelings it sends him in a down ward spiral of, She doesn't like me. She only likes Jack. I get so frustrated. First he's very sensitive and get upset when he's feelings get hurt and that happens quite a bit. Second, (and I'm just being honest) He's crying is not cute to look at or all.

Today, after school, when she called home on her walkie talkie I told her to walk slow because the boys wanted to meet her at the end of the side walk. Cohen tried and tried and tried to get both of their scooters down to her so she could ride one home. I told him to just leave it, she'll be here soon just go down there. He said, "No Mama, Sister really likes to ride it." So I watched him as he struggled and scrapped his ankles as he tried different ways to get it to her. Once again she called and I said, "Walk Slower and make Sure you say, Thank You" before I knew it she came in the house and 2 min later he came in crying and wailing his arms around. After I got done yelling at her and sending her to her room.... and BTW she didn't even say "Thank You" I yelled at him and told him to man up and just say screw it!!! Which in hind sight is not the best I know but what do you tell a 5 year old who wears his heart on his sleeve. Siblings aren't always the most affectionate I know, but she could at least acknowledge him. He is always going above and beyond to do things for her.. After calming down I took a note pad up to her and told her to write down 20 things she likes about Cohen and when I go back up I'm going to make them sit face to face so she can read her list to him. Ugggg!!! Any suggestions??? I don't want her to be calloused to his heart or any one else's for that matter. God gives us gifts and we are to love, cultivate and take care of them. I want her to see and know the treasure in Cohen not only as her brother but a precious gift God has given our family. Any suggestions??? How do I break this cycle????
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