Friday, May 7, 2010

This Is The House That Love Built

Everything in my home, as I'm sure is with yours, is of some sort of memory. I don't change things up for new or better and I like to keep everything people give me..even clothes (like house coats) my 88 year old Granny gives me, all because I like the memories they have. It's all a part of me. My memories of Granny in the house coat and the times we shared laughing and gossiping:) or the lamp that I feel in love with in NH while shopping with AJ's mom but he didn't want me to buy it because he said, "We didn't need anymore crap in the house." Well, guess what? I got it a couple of weeks later at Christmas because his Mom bought it for me and said, "Every woman has a lot of crap and 1 more thing isn't going to make a difference." The house is me personally, physically, emotionally and spiritually and when people pour the love into me it helps build me into a better Mom, Wife, Friend and Christian.

As I got home tonight from Madison's soccer practice I noticed some flowers on my door step. I picked up the box thinking AJ has gone and tricked me again. He sent me my Mothers Day Gift early and now he's sending me flowers. (I Love flowers) I opened the box with excitement, ripped open the card and started reading. Before I knew it my eyes started swelling up with tears as I read...I know that you're alone up there but you're not God is all around you! and it continued....

Anyway, as I continued to read the card and continued to cry it was signed Love, Josh, Ammie, Caleb, Clay & Emalee. Whenever I feel down they seem to brighten my day and they don't even know it. There have been many times they have blessed me but one of my favorite other times was Christmas 2008. AJ had gotten transferred to Maryland August 2008. We hadn't sold or rented out the house yet so the kids and I had to stay behind but without Daddy it didn't feel like Christmas and I didn't know if I wanted to dig out the tree. I thought we would go to my Mom's on Christmas Eve and just use their tree. Well, the kids and I came home from, I don't remember where and we came in through the garage like we usually did but a little later I went to the front door and there in the living room was set up the most beautiful Christmas tree I had ever seen. It just amazed me that some one's heart was that big and loved us enough to do that for us. Not out of obligation and not because I asked them to but because they felt my broken spirit and wanted to.

I have 2 favorite holidays during the year; one is my birthday the other is Mother's Day but with AJ in Afghanistan the holidays aren't the same when there isn't anyone to share them with but as I look at my beautiful flowers, read and re-read the card I am reminded I am not alone as people I love and people who love me continue to help work on "This House God & Love are building"

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  1. wow! That is awesome.....gotta love that Ammie:)


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