Friday, May 14, 2010

Nooks & Crannies

Ok, Ya gotta know it's Spring when your in the shower finding gobs of hair, that's suppose to be on your head, in places you can barely reach. I'm surprised I still have any hair left all I do is shed. Why is it, Oprah or The Doctors have never done a show on the Dangers of your Nooks & Crannies? It's bad enough us Women have to stand in life threatening positions in the shower just to shave (have you ever had your leg slide off the shower wall with a razor in your hand? Not Good.) and we have to stay kept up with our beauty rituals... Washing, Toning, Moisturizing & Waxing not to mention Dear Aunt Flo that comes to visit every month. Note to "The Big Man Upstairs":) I don't want to be bald but I could surely do without the shedding:)

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