Thursday, May 6, 2010

I was up this morning giving God "My First Fruits" of the morning and loving every precious moment with him. I love the quietness of the early morning My babies are still sleeping peacefully in the bed (notice I only said 1 bed..yeah, it's mine) and everything is so fresh, peaceful and new. My mind isn't all rattled from the business of the day and I can just concentrate on him.
The thing I really wanted to tell you about is the Bible I have. I have used many a Bible in my day trying to find just the right one for me. Well, a few years back, more like, 4 or 5 I was at Mops convention and found this NIV Mom's Devotional Bible. It is soooo Awesome and speaks to me as a Christian and as a Mom. I absolutely Love it. If you don't have a Bible or you're looking for a new one. This is the one to have. You can go here to Amazon and check it out.

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