Sunday, May 2, 2010

Da Qupon no good

I can't stress enough how much I despise going through the commissary check out lines. I love the deals when I can find them but to be honest I rather not have to deal with the cashiers... Let me share my last interaction with those little women. This really blew my top.

A few months ago I went grocery shopping. The kind where you have to buy odds and ends because there was random stuff everywhere but nothing you could really pull together to make sense for dinner.

Well, I had my coupons in order got my items and went through the line and I'll tell you they don't give you ANY time to get organized. They just rush everything through. These ladies are such fast ringers they're waiting on you to empty your cart.. Finally after feeling all rushed and stressed I got the cart emptied. All of this and my kids weren't even with me. After throwing my last item on the conveyor belt I rushed to her side to check my financial progress. She quickly scanned something through and I said, "How much did that ring up?" My ready to cook prepackaged microwave ham thing rang up wrong. and I had 6 of them so it was really wrong! I told her how much they were and where I got them. She went to the back to get it then came back with sale sign in her hand and had the nerve to tell me the price was per pound. Already aggravated, (remember being rushed) I spoke in a louder and firmer voice..." Lady, I can read.. That sign did not say per pound! It's prepackaged." I quickly thought, "You know what, It's not worth it, just take them off." She looked surprised and called her supervisor over where the proceeded to talk in front of me... about me... in their native language.. which was not.. English!!!!!! I once again spoke up a little louder, a little more firmly and said, "I'm standing right HERE!" Then together they took off the ham.

Next she rang up my milk and that rang up wrong but I was calm. I figured I could take that to customer service and get a refund but the last straw was when she started arguing with me about a coupon for a Free Single roll of paper towels. I had enough. I look at her and with the most Southern accent I could muster up, I said, "Forget it! I don't want any of it, just put it back and... I'll be needed my coupons." (True Story) She was quite surprised. I mean she looked like I just reached out and slapped her. Then she said, "you no wont none dis?" Remembering my manners I politely said, "No Thank You" and walked away. I was half way to the door when I remembered my babies needed milk and this poor woman's lack of knowledge was not there fault. So I walked over to the buggies got a new one and went back through the store all over again. Of course I was secrectly praying they weren't watching me and and had no desire to escort me out, after all; they do have the cheapest price on milk.

By the time I was done my 2nd time around I only grabbed about 20 items so I could go through self check out. On the down side I spent a lot of time in the store. On the upside when I did self check out I was able to see that 5 out of the 20 items I had rang up wrong so I saved some money. I wonder how many over stretched moms "with their kids" go through the lines and spend way more money that necessary?

After that I decided to never again go to the cashiers.. Yeah, sometimes I go through self check out, take my stuff to the car and go back again... and again and I have rang up 26 items instead of 20 but I am a much happier shopper and I don't have to deal with the cashiers.

The upside to the commissary are some of the deals (when they have them).

After coupons I got these for .25 each. I won't have to buy jelly until 2012:)
The Jelly was on sale and the commissary ladies were passing out coupons.

These were a gold find. After coupons I paid $6.00 for 3 gallons of milk & 12 boxes of cereal. The commissary ladies were passing out $1.50 coupons for every 2 cereals and $3 coupons off 1 gallon of milk when you buy 4 boxes of cereal.

The store is Not all bad but I still don't want to deal "Da Qupon no good." when Me & Cvs know that it is:)

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