Wednesday, May 12, 2010


4- 2 Liter Neastea Drinks
4-Bayer Low Dosage Aspirin
4- Reach Waxed Floss
2- Bags Dove Choc Minis (not pictured)
1- Creast Pro-Health Toothpaste
4- Right Guard Sport Deoderants
2- Shick Hydro Razors w/ refill cartridge
2- Boxes U Kotex Liners
2- Secret Clinical Strength Deoderant

This week is a great CVS...I paid $13.16 OOP and got back $12.oo ECB. I also got 2 bags of Dove Chocolates not pictured. Here is a list of what I got. Keep in mind AJ has a card as well so, this is for 2 cards but it was still only $13.16 OOP for both cards.

2 liter Coke products on sale for .88 each
Reach floss $1.99 = $2.00 ECB (limit2) =FREE

Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste 4.2 oz. or Rinse 8.4 oz. $3.50 = $3.50 Ecb (Limit 2) =FREE
Right Guard Sport, Total Defense or Dry Idea 2-4 oz. $2.99 = $2 Ecb (Limit 2) use coupon found here = FREE
Schick Hydro 3 or 5 Razor System or Cartridges 4 ct. $8.99 = $4 Ecb (Limit 1) =FREE
Use the $5/1 razor coupon from the 5/9 SS
U by Kotex Liners 50-60 ct., Pads 14-18ct. or Tampons 18 ct.$4.99 = $4.99 Ecb (Limit 1)=FREE
Dove Chocolates 2/$6 When I scanned my card going into the store I got a CVS coupon for $3 off the purchase of 2 Dove or M&M's
Bayer Aspirin low dose on Sale for 10/$10 I bought 4 but had 4 $1.00 MFQ = FREE
I found the Secret Clinical Deodorant on a Clearance end cap for .75 each and had a MFQ for $2 of 2

I think I could have gotten it all Cheaper than $13.00 but the kids were starting to get restless. Plus Why is it, when I go into a store the cashier has been bored for at least 10 min but as soon as I get up there with my multiple transactions a huge line magically appears and they need to call for back up?

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