Saturday, April 17, 2010

Stop Clipping!

Several months ago; one of my best friends and fellow blogger told me to STOP cutting coupons. She had been to a seminar and the lady showed them a different way of storing coupons. This is it. A simple combination of a $5.00 filing basket, hanging file folders and Manila folders.
When you get the Sunday paper, you just write the date on the tab and file the inserts in that folder. As you search the blogs for the sales they tell you what coupon, how much it's worth, the Sunday date it came in and the insert it's in (RP, SS, etc...)
I absolutely love this method. It is so fast. Now, I do still have my huge note book for the blinkies and other clipped coupons I collect but I no longer have to sit there for hours cutting and going through plies to clean them out:) Thanks Kelly

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