Thursday, March 25, 2010

Who doesn't remember this movie? Couldn't you just taste the soap Ralphie's Mom put in his mouth when she heard him say one of the worst words in the world?

Before anyone starts freaking out none of my babies have said any of "those" words. When one of my kids sheepishly walk up to tell me someone said the "S" word." The "S" stands for Stupid.
Unfortunately, I still don't like all the things they say, especially when they say it just because it makes each other laugh... and It's Not Funny! The only reason they're laughing is because they're 7, 4 & 2 (almost 5 & 3)

"What are these horrifying words"? You ask. Poop, Pee, Fart. but not with such innocence. It's more like.."I'm gonna poop on you" or "Wait a minute.. Wait.. Ahhh, I farted on you. Do you smell it? No? Wait. Smell it now?" And it's truly embarrassing when they say that stuff in front of their friends or other people. Like MY friends.

Today after hearing Madison talking for a few minutes I got up and firmly told her something I don't think she was to happy about because she knows I'm just crazy enough to follow through.

A few years back during my MOPS days we were at convention when I heard Lisa Welchel (blair from The Facts of Life) speak about Creative Correction. Her son had a potty mouth (I think it was just being ugly to siblings etc.. Not any 4 letter #$*%) and after much praying this is what the Lord gave her.. She told her son to go to the bathroom (that is where they awaited punishment and sentencing) She got 2 glasses. 1 filled with clean fresh water. The other she dipped into the toilet and filled it with the toilet water. She continued by telling him the things that were coming out of his mouth were ugly and filthy like toilet water and the things that should be coming out should be pure and good like Jesus; hence the clean water. Then asked him "Which cup would you like to drink from"? The hour long segment she shared that day flashed through my mind in 10 secs.. maybe less. So this is how mine went.. "Stop it! Stop talking like that! I'm sick of hearing that crap".. Do you want me to put toilet water in a cup so you can drink it? Do ya?Because that is what it sounds like, toilet talk! If I keep hearing you talk like that your gonna be drinking toilet water. Is that what you want? Well, do ya?"

I'll be the first to admit this wasn't exactly the same approach Lisa used but I feel like it was effective and just FYI, I wasn't yelling we had company so I was very calm but FIRM and plenty of (crazy) eye contact. By the way I know these words are not the end of the world and there may be greater obstacles down the road but I'm still wiping kids butts around this house and I don't need to hear it too.

Disclaimer: I would never actually make my kids drink toilet water (It would make them sick) but I might be willing to make them think they did:)

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