Wednesday, March 17, 2010


"VocalPoint...VocalPoint...VocalPoint", If I say it enough maybe you'll be saying it in your sleep:) What is VocalPoint? Only one of the most amazing FREEbie & information sites brought to us by a division of Proctor & Gamble. (Sounds like a commercial, right?) They also have additional information & tips on Health & Beauty, Food & Recipes, Around the House and More and it's totally FREE to join. Just go here to sign up.

But before you do.....

Not only do they give great FREEbies but when you get your goodies in the mail they come with really and I mean really... Awesome coupons. Remember my latest Target trip and all the Kashi cereal? I got a sample in the mail on Sat and it came with 4 coupons. 1 for a FREE box of Kashi cereal (not that I'm a lover of the Kashi,, I actually like all things sugar but it's actually not a bad snack mix without the milk) and 3 $1.50 off MQ's.

Now, don't you want to be a VocalPoint member?

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