Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Have I told you lately how much "I LOVE couponing?" and all I do is follow certain blogs. I do exactly what they say and there is minimal work for me:)

First I buy 2 newspapers... Every Sunday, then I pull out the coupons and put them in a file folder with that Sundays date on it.

Then I search the blogs. They tell me what item is on sale and where I can find a coupon for it. RP (Redplum) SS (Smart Source) etc...

So, I just wanted to share pictures of some trips I've made over the past couple of weeks.

This was a couple of weeks ago. Target had a deal that if you bought 5 boxes of 100 calories right bites you get a $5.00 Target Gift card. Sounds expensive, right? Well, it pays off.. I bought 5 of these. Now the blogs said to use $1.00 MQ (Manufacture Coupon) for each one. I only had 2 coupons but the kids needed snacks and I was getting that $5 GC so my hopes were high:) My Total was $13.45 - (2) $1.oo MQ = $11.45 OOP & I got a $5.00 GC back. This was purchase #1

Purchase #2..I can't list all the coupons I had but, I will tell you everything that was FREE.

4 fur fighters... FREE

2 Reach Floss'..FREE

4 Old Spice Body Wash Travel Size...FREE + Overage

4 Gillette Men's Body Wash.. FREE + Overage

2-4 packs 60W light bulbs...FREE

Everything did have coupons with the exception of the toy microphone which I got for my sick baby.. hence the Gatorade (no coupons) Total after coupons $10.13 - my $5.00 GC from purchase # 1.. Total OOP $5.13

The Target I was already at for Purchases 1 & 2 didn't have anymore Special K fruit crisp so I headed to another location in hopes of finding some. Why the hunt? Because you got a $5 GC for buying 5 of these as well. The Total was $12.50 - (4) $1.00 off MQ & (1) .75 MQ & (2) 1.00 Coupons..OOP I paid $5.75 and got a $5 GC to use at a later date.
Last week I wanted to use some MQ I got from the coupon clippers so AJ and I headed out. All he kept saying was it better be free.. it better be free.. "Oh Ye of little faith" I can tell you and so can he with out any doubt. Our total came to $10.60 OOP and that was because of the T-ball glove AJ wanted to get Cohen that cost $9.99 plus It would have been cheaper but I forgot to give the lady my $5 GC from the previous weeks purchase..Oh well I can't complain. Here's what we got.
1 T Ball glove
2 Kids Crest full size toothpastes
2-4 packs of Men's Dove soap w/ mini body wash
14 travel sized Old Spice body washes
3 Gillette men's body washes
1 Gillette Men's deodorant
5 Card games (Scrabble Slam, Pictureka & Sorry) they cost more than $5 each
Then yesterday I went for another Target run. We are out of cereal so it looked like a good idea to me. Plus I got a sample box of Kashi cereal in the mail this weekend form Vocal point and it came with some awesome coupons so after some coupon combining here it is..
4 boxes Mini Wheat's cereal on sale 4 for 10. Whne you spend $10 on participating Kellogg's cereal you get a $5 GC
3 boxes Kashi cereal
1 box Kashi granola bars
1 box Kashi whole grain crackers
2 bottles Dial hand soap
2 Gillette men's deodorant
1-4 pack men's Dove soap w/ mini body wash
After all my MQ and printable Target coupons (which included 2 for free boxes of Kashi) the total was $9.50 then I so happily gave the cashier my $5 GC from last week Special K buy and OOP I paid $4.50 and FYI 1 box of Kashi is $3.29
So once again I say... Why don't you "Coupon"?


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