Thursday, March 18, 2010

Say What????

Kids say the funniest things... Sometimes... and sometimes there's a fine line between them being disrespectful and just being honest and feeling like they can tell you anything. Most times I opt to believe in the later.

I was laying in bed with Madison tonight when she asked what the fold was on the side of my chest by my arm. I comfortably told her, "it's a fat fold". She just looked at me. I said, "ya know babe, I haven't always looked like this". I continued to say "I was skinny at one time." She said, "I know, I've seen the pictures but you did have,... you know.. a big butt."
I have always been a full glass thinker and I don't really see it as having a big butt but rather.. I was the one who inspired J-Lo:)
These were way back in the day June 1999. We were married at The Duck Inn at Va. Beach, Va. as AJ's cousin Lori would say..."Duckin Right"!

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