Friday, March 26, 2010

The road less traveled was defiantly traveled. All 12 hours of myself with my 3 little side kicks. I d0 have to say my kids are Awesome travels. Not to mention the fact that 2 are boys and we had plenty of empty bottles:) (f you get my drift) My babies are no strangers to road travel and to help them and myself I feel the key is to Be Prepared.

1.Stay on time.. If you want to get to your destination at a certain time. Make sure you coincide bathroom and gas breaks. (remember empty bottles)

2.If all everyone does the entire trip is eat and drink your stopping will be crazy. After all they don't sit in school eating all day. So make sure to limit snacks.

3.Save some money and some stopping time, Pack a meal. Make muffins for breakfast or make a lunch (crustables etc..) and don't be a worry wart about the kids spilling snack foods like pretzels, gold fish or even french fries. If you break down the lost food in the seats and floor boards will come in handy later while your busy.

4.Even though we have one in our car I'm not a big fan of the DVD player so they're limited to 2 ..MAYBE 3 movies but be prepared! Take some books so the kids can add it to their school reading logs. Work or puzzle books (Don't over pack on toys!) I feel like the less they have the more occupied they are with each other. Life has too much technology. Different video games, music, movies.. I always tell my kids Life is passing you by right outside the windows. That is where life happens not on a TV or video game.

5.And MOST IMPORTANTLY kids feed off of you emotionally. If you think it's going to be a long journey and they aren't going to do well. They're not. Be positive! Look at it as an adventure and make sure to include them. Listen to some music they want to. Play I spy. Sing a "Road Trip" song where everyone makes up their own verse. (That's one of our favorites. We'll drive to the grocery store and the kids will ask to sing the "Road Trip" song.) They grow up so fast. I value our little road trips so much. I love to hear them laugh, play and interact with one another.

I do admit all of the ABC's and 5 little ducks do get on my nerves after a while that's why I LOVE Go Fish (another MOPS great) they let me rock while the kids roll. This CD is ALWAYS in my CD player. Take a listen to one of my fave songs.

If you have any helpful traveling tips let me know under comments and I'd love to share them.

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