Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Let me start off by saying losing weight is like being a Christain. No one can do it for you and you can't do it luke warm.

A few friends and I decided to sign up for Dump your Plump here on post. I was excited to have a reason and a goal for losing weight. Sarah and I went to work out yesterday at our neighborhood gym after the Weigh In. We're off to a great start. However, I know me and I knew that working out there just isn't going to be enough. My best times for doing things are early in the morning, "In Secret" a lot like my face down praying. That's when I know it's me and not because it's just the social thing to do.

Let's face it, if The Biggest Loser had a mini camp I would be all over that and lose 30 pounds in 2 months but most of America is Bigger than me and already obese has a greater desperation to lose weight than on the verge obese. Trust me, I've thought about shoveling in food just to go on there and be forced to lose weight but as soon as I do I would be the first one kicked off the show; up creek with out a paddle and still FAT.

As I got on the treadmil this morning (like I have many times) I searched through my Ipod to find something fitting for my mood. I heard this ...Boom..Boom.. I thought it was Planet Shakers as I kept listening I was pleased to hear Bon Jovi.. Love Him... As the song was playing... It's My Life, It's now or never I ain't gonna live forever.. first I took off running (which I don't usually do) but I started having flash backs of my conversation with AJ last night and having a baby. With him leaving we would have to wait til he got back. I would be over 36 when we had one. I thought about my age and how I'm not getting any younger. The kid thing isn't what got me...The fact of being 1% away from obese got me.. The fact is you should only gain 6 lbs a year and I have gained double that in 6 months. The fact is: I'm not getting any younger and I don't want to die and not see my kids graduated, get married and have kids or become one of tose people who phisically can't get out of their beds. Don't Laugh.. They all started from some where, they weren't born 400 pounds.

I started crying thinking "How did I get this way?" I always wanted to be the fit soccer mom. The friends that I have made in the past 8 years not to mention all my siblings wives/ husbands have all only known me as big.. The deadly "She has a great personality" and I do but I want the outside to look as great as the inside.

My weight has bever been a deep hidden issue . I't's plain and simple. I LIKE FOOD and I don't work out to stay healthy. You never here anyone on the Biggest Loser say.. I like the way it tast so I like to eat it and a Lot of it. Well, like Jon say's "It's My Life, It's Now or Never:"

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  1. Good Luck!! I too am trying to lose all this baby weight I put on. I don't even recognize myself anymore when I look in the mirror. The way I feel inside sure doesn't fit the way I look on the outside. I'll let you know how my progress goes...


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