Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sorry I haven't blogged all weekend. I've been rather down with a head cold and all drugged up on over the counter meds. Anyway, my brother-in-love called me to tell me of his and my little brothers Spanish class project. They are so funny.

They are why I feel 28. I am the oldest of 3. My little sister married younger and my little brother and littlest sister are in ther early 20's. It does keep me young. Which is great for my kids. They feel like they have the best play mates in the world. The Aunts and Uncles run and play with them but are old enough to drive.

Disclaimer: This is not a real commercial. This is not a real CD. Please do not call the number on the screen and give them your C.C. info. If you see these guys on the street do not give them money. They only pretend to be actors. They are not paid.

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