Friday, December 4, 2009

Ok, this is the perfect picture of me and my little monkey's (minus the phone) You could compare my family to the show Malcolm in the Middle.
There is always an event, some kind if kid drama every day and the older my baby get (he's now 2) I see more and more of a schemer. Yes, I do use TV as an occasional babysitter, Yes, I have sent my kids to take a bath knowing the only soap that was touching their body was the melted soap they left in the water, We don't brush our teeth every night and Today I sent Madison to school in dirty socks.
I have tried to have the perfect Godly family; one that never screams, always has a clean home, clean kids and to look perfect for my husband when he's around. My reality is... Not That! And it stresses me out trying. It's impossible to keep my house clean while hearing "Cannon Ball" most of the day and if I take time to look nice I constantly hear "What is taking you so long?"
I love My Kids, My Family, My Life. Having God in our lives doesn't make us perfect but it does give me more patience, a better understanding, a better marriage and not so much mom guilt. I stay on my face a lot (we are well beyond knee praying) I have wonderfully created kids. (by God and not some lab) My kids are well behaved perfect little people with the ocassional speed bump like their parents. I still like to say "I've changed my name, when you guess what it is I'll talk to you" (after I've listened to tattleing and fighting all day) I also like to use "I'm off the clock" when after a 30 - 45 min bed routine when I still hear mama, mama, mama, for another 30 (after I have already been up 5 times) In any case we are a perfect family but it's My Family and I for one Love it!

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