Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A lot of places are trying to boost their sales by offering good deals on Gift Cards. For instance, if you purchase a $25.00 G.C. you get a $5.00 G.C. FREE. Well, if you are in a restaurant to eat go ahead and buy the G.C. you can use it toward your purchase. Then use the $5.00 one as a stocking stuffer or Teachers Gift.

I use to think Gift Cards were impersonal but with the economy I think they are very practical and people love them. Especially kids. They like paying for their own stuff. So something like McDonald's G.C. are perfect for their stockings or birthday's.

When you buy a $10.00 Gift Card at Subway you get a FREE cookie. If you know of any other places offering deals let me know so I can post them.

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