Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Life According to Cohen

Last night after I tucked Cohen in and kissed him for the gazillionth time (which I love) I walked out of his room with tears in my eyes. At first the tears were because of a song he made up. (He has been doing that a lot) It was a good song. The entire song was about Christmas. There was a line in there that said "And people who don't have any one on Christmas until people come over and then they have some one to play with on Christmas" It was sooo adorable. He even threw some runs in dropping notes here and there.

The reason all the tears stayed and laughter didn't take over was because after he got done singing, we prayed and I don't mean I prayed... I mean "We Prayed" that little boy will pray like no-one's business. No pauses, no, "are we done yet?", no steady decline of his voice and the only one left is me. I mean this child prays! When Cohen started talking and for about 3 years after that, my sister would say "He's speaking in tongues" because only God knew what he was saying. Most of the time we had no clue. Even at 2; One day he woke up at 6 in the morning and found me face down in my prayer closet and asked "Mama, doin?" I simply told him I was praying and continued. The next thing I knew, I felt this tiny little body lay down beside me as close as he could and he started praying his little heart out" Once again I have no idea what he was saying or praying for but God knew.

And all the tears? One for pure heartfelt worship. Here this little guy is with no in-depth concept of Heaven & Hell or even realizing the pain Jesus suffered, but with his whole heart, mind and soul wants to reach out to God. The other tears are from a heavy heart as his mom. I see my little man now at 4 praying and being sensitive to other's needs and sensitive to God. What great and mighty things is God going to use him for? But that's not the heavy part, the heavy part is with God using him in all his glorious ways, how hard will the devil fight to seperate him from God? You see, the devil doesn't mess with people already in sin. He has them. What he wants is... those who aren't.

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  1. Thank you for the puffy eyes I will have in the morning because of my tears. I can't wait to see my man.


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