Friday, September 18, 2009

The Newest Additions to our Family

Meet Oliver & Milly MacDonald. We just adopted them this morning. Oliver is the orange Tabby and just over 2 months. Milly is also a Tabby and just over 3 months. The kids have been wanting pets, and I have been wanting a baby, so, this kills 2 birds with 1 stone. Even though Madison's birthday isn't for another month; she wanted a grey one so to that we say "Happy Birthday." Cohen is still not to satisfied for some reason he wants a "Hunting Dog." It's not like we go out into the woods but I guess he needs help hunting down his shoes when we tell him to get dressed.


  1. You always do everything in a big way... you start with two??....funny:)

  2. HAHA. Now Emily can hunt for the kitties and not her efforts will not be in vain. ;) Congrats on the new additions.

  3. Adorable! Savannah and Alisa are so excited to meet them!


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