Friday, September 11, 2009

Life According to Cohen

Remember me saying how I was teaching my kids responsibility? Well, a child's teaching is never done. Yesterday, I had the kids clean their bathroom. While they were doing so Cohen came down asking to go play with his friends. I looked at him and said "Cohen , is the bathroom clean?" he tilted his head to the side tossed his little index finger in the air and with a reassuring shake of his head said, "Maybe." Then I just gave him the crazed mom look. You know, the one where one eyebrow is arched and one eye pierces into their very soul so deep that their knees start to buckle and they break into confession. I said, "Is it cleaned?" His response was, "Mom, just go look." so, as I proceeded to the stairs he quickly back tracked and said "If it's not; how bout' not giving us a spankin, just, let us clean it again."

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