Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hero Day

In honor of 9-11 Madison's school had "Hero Day." The idea was for them to dress up as a Fireman, Policeman, Doctor, Nurse, etc... Madison didn't want to dress up as any of those things, instead; she decided she wanted to be a "Mom."

I knew that dressing up as a Mom wasn't exactly what the school had in mind, but when she said that my heart melted. I did send a note to her teacher explaining what she was wearing and that I felt it was a great choice because that was one thing all those Hero's, who had lost their lives all had in common. They all had mom's.

We attached a bunch of Motherly roles to the front of her apron (Judge, Cook, Laundress, Nurse, etc..) I loved it... and she loved it... at least until lunch:)


  1. That is precious, precious! What an honor to be a mommy, huh? *Hugs!*

  2. What a wonderful reminder of how moms can impact their children. Sweet story.


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