Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dinner Anyone?

Sometimes reality just doesn't live up to the vision we have stored up in our heads. Some times it may be our appearance, (that's me) our cool personality (that's you) or even our cooking abilities (me again). No matter what it is; at some point reality and the ideal will come face to face... It happened to me last night.. At Dinner.

A couple of months ago we went to eat w/ Joni & John at Buffalo Bills on Orange Park. Madison got the Chx Quesadilla's and loved them, so for the longest time I have wanted to make them. Well, the time came last night. I just knew they were going to be great. Keep in mind I don't eat nor have I ever eaten a Quesadilla. To my surprise it wasn't the family fun filled dinner I had imagined in my head. I didn't have a recipe and it was touch & go but over all I thought it would be ok. While they were eating them up Aj was talking smack. He didn't have any plans on eating them. He said "They didn't look good." Well to prove him wrong I asked Madison, If they were good. She gave a half grin and said, "No." then I looked at Cohen who was almost done. I'm thinking he loves them, Right? Wrong! "Cohen, How is it?" I asked. His reply, "Not so good" Here I thought I was going to prove AJ soooo wrong becuase my babies were eating them up. When it turns out my poor babies are just conditioned to my "Crazy" and were afraid to say anything.

This was the dinner they were eating.

This is dinner after the "Not So Good." comment

Taco Bell.. You're a Life Saver:)

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