Thursday, August 27, 2009

We wanted to take the kids camping this past weekend before they went back to school but it rained all day Fri. & Sat. By Sunday the sun was out and shinning so, we decided to take them to the beach. It's a little over an hour from the house but it makes us feel like we're getting away so, we don't mind. This is the second time we've gone and we really love it. They have a cook out area, camping, pool area and a lot more. It looks like a huge lake but it's salt water and there aren't any waves knocking the kids over. (the tide does come in - Ha-Ha Kellie & Ammie) Fun quickly turned into tragedy when Jack got stung by a jelly fish. I don't know how because I was holding him when it happened. As kids are resilient he bounced back quickly and we were all back in the water playing in no time. But as you know "When children are involved, Life is an adventure."Soon after returning to the water AJ said real loud "Is that POOP?" (you would think men with children would know to be more discreet in case a cover up is ever needed) Before the kids could even make a sound to embarrass us on this small remote beach, I hit mom mode to disguise the incident. I quickly said, "No, what?" and diverted the kids. He quickly caught on and shoveled the poop deep in the sand. Madison and Cohen also did real well catching on and later we all laughed about it while everyone else around us was oblivious to what had happened. Even Jack chuckled "Poop" and pointed to the water..

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