Tuesday, August 18, 2009


V.I.P. " Very Important Post"

A couple of months ago I was telling one of my sisters that I needed to get a new CHI because the gold paddles were falling out. She told me, if I paid $35 and sent it in they would repair it and if they couldn't they would replace it with a brand "NEW" one... I was reluctant but my friend Donna had told me the same thing before. So, Jennifer sent me the address & website and I decided to give it a try. BAM!! A brand NEW CHI in my mailbox 3 weeks later. I didn't even need my receipt. Almost as good as Christmas. The only downfall was 3 weeks of hideously frizzy hair!

Thanks Jennifer,

send check or money order for $35 (this cost includes either them fixing your chi or sending you a brand new one) along with a brief description as to whats wrong with yours

Farouk Systems
250 Penntright
Suite 150
Houston, Tx. 77090

their website is http://www.farouk.com/

and phone numbers are 281-876-2000 or 800-237-9175

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