Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Secret Lives of Moms

Oprah said it best when she said, "Motherhood is a wonderful responsibility—but it can also be exhausting, confusing, infuriating and downright funny." A couple of months ago I caught an episode of Oprah which had me crying and rolling on the floor with laughter. Every time a mom would come out with a secret I thought... "That's me, That's me, too."

For the longest time I could NOT keep my car clean. I mean NEVER. Not for a lack of trying. Just a thing called life and no help when AJ was in school full time for 3 years. There was always food laying around the car seats, the floor board, everywhere! I would often get comments from people (usually ones w/ out kids) about my car needing to be cleaned but with no one offering to do it. One night after church the kids and I walked out to the car and as they climbed in I was standing out side the car talking to someone, when the person I was talking to noticed one of the kids eating french fries from out of the seats it totally grossed them out and they made a comment; to which I quickly responded, "They need to eat." Now let me tell you, I do feed my children but like the kids they are, they never want to eat when it is time. That's why they were always hungry after church. And to further gross you out, I'm sure the fries were at least 3 days old.

The mom's who had boys could have shared the tip on "Push it down," for those of us who didn't. When we had Cohen we couldn't figure out why his back and clothes kept getting wet but his diaper was dry. We just thought he was sweating. When the Pediatrician came in 2 days later that's when we found out... Push it down." And the Woody's! When I woke Cohen up one morning to change his diaper and I saw this thing for the first time.. Just standing straight up. I was freaked out to touch it, much less bend it down to put a new diaper on. These are the kinds of things Mom's should be telling one another. This could be quite startling for a new mom. I know it was for me.
Watching this episode of Oprah helped me realize.. I'm NOT crazy.. Go here to see a video of some women sharing their thoughts on what no on told them would happen when they became moms. If you would like to, Make a comment under this post on what no one told you would happen when you became a mom and I'll be glad to share it.

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