Sunday, August 16, 2009

A joke that will keep you laughing for a life time!

Raising children is a joke.. A great big funny joke that will keep you laughing forever. Laughing at them, at yourself and of course at the people who obviously don't remember what it's like to have kids.I remember when I had my first.. She was going to be the perfect child. Madison was always clean and dressed pretty... 2 or 3 out fits in her diaper bag.. more than that in bibs and always a clean diaper.. She didn't even go into the nursery at church until she was almost 8 months old. I remember at Thanksgiving dinner one year I fussed at my mom for giving her watered down sweet tea. I was always there to kiss her owweees and careful she didn't do things to get hurt while at the same time allowing her to test herself.Cohen, my second, had a few less clothes packed, less bibs and.. a he stayed in diapers a little longer.. He went into the nursery a little sooner and of course being a boy I gave him more liberties in testing his self... He was able to jump off the couches (I never would have let Madison do that, she would have gotten hurt) He got a skate board by the age of 2....Then there's Jack.... he was in the nursery by 6 weeks when he was a baby, he was lucky if I packed him a change of clothes.. Not to mention the diapers.. By the third I was like if it's not falling off, it doesn't need changing.. Not out in public of course. People seem to look at you funny if your baby has a butt that drags to the floor. It's always funny how the people who aren't buying the diapers are the one's who are so quick to change the baby. Once I even picked up Madison and Cohen from there classes at church and walked right out to the parking lot, it wasn't until someone said "Does your dad have Jack" that I realized "Crap!" he doesn't and neither did I. His level of liberty.. Being the youngest he feels he is entitled to do what ever the older ones are doing.. If they jump off something he does. If they are riding a bike he has to.. (Keep in mind he's only 2)Which bring me to my situation today.. While at Burger King I was placing my order and as a responsible parent I told the kids to go sit at the booth near the window.. 1- So I could see them 2- To keep them from swinging all over the rails and from the counter as any 6, 4 & 2 year old would. I was being responsible :) So by the time I got my order and walked over to the soda machine I hear the employee who took my order say "Oh, No! Honey he's going to fall" As I turned to see how my children could possible mess up such an easy task like "sit" my eyes caught sight of Jack dancing on top of the table... I did rush over there to get him down.. The sad part is... not because of the imminent danger he was in of falling off the table but because I was embarrassed he was even doing it...

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