Sunday, August 16, 2009

Boys will be boys

This was sent to me by Maryann. She also has 3 kids and I'm sure plenty of stories

I can top that with Brian at 3 playing with the fire extinguisher outside of Dan's office at the church(he was youth pastor). I kept telling him to leave it alone and the one minute I turned my back he pulled the trigger and green liquid sprayed everywhere in the room where three people where standing including out 6'6" senior pastor. Green dripping down from the light and the senior pastor saying what have we here. Yes very embarrasing but humorous now. They are children and they need discipline but I am sure he thought he was entertaining and didn't think that was a bad thing to do. Yes he could have gotten hurt if he fell but he might not try it again. Selina you are a wonderful mother!!! Keep up the great work. I love you girl.

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